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English Lavender

English Lavender - Final Sale 50% OffEnglish Lavender

English Lavender is Yardley?s signature fragrance. It has pride of place as the brand?s number one scent in the range and offers the most extensive collection of quality bath and body luxuries. Capturing the soothing properties of finest lavender, Yardley English Lavender combines lavender?s floral freshness with a deeper note of musk to create a fragrance that is a pleasure to wear.

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When Yardley first started business in the City of London in 1770, lavender was the herb chosen to perfume an exclusive range of luxury soaps. Combined with the finest quality plants and oils, English Lavender has become established as the international signature fragrance of Yardley.

Over the centuries, Yardley has been at the leading edge for style and elegance remembered for its association with Twiggy, Jean Shripton and incorporating product designs from some of the world’s most renowned designers including Reco Capey.

Now in the 21st century Yardley continues to lead the way with its authority on lavender and high quality floral bath luxuries. While continuing to develop new fragrances and designs that guarantee to some of the top selling scents in its range, it is also embarks on a new chapter in stylish design that celebrates its heritage within the 21st century setting.