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Soap by Woods of Windsor - 40% Off

Soap by Woods of Windsor - 40% OffSoap by Woods of Windsor

Woods of Windor's Soap is triple-milled for longer-lasting luxury, and with only the finest natural ingredients for a soft, rich lather, delicately fragranced with our elegant signature classic scents.

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Woods of Windsor - Est. 1770 Woods of Windsor, Est. 1770

For Men Collection - A collection of Mens grooming products based on Woods of Windsor's signature cologne, inspired by Spanish orange groves and spices, containing citrus notes of lemon, orange and bergamot with subtle hints of nutmeg and clove combined with a herbal heart and warm base notes of oakmoss and patchouli.

Lavender - Lavenderís calming and relaxing scent and subtle English beauty has ensured that the fragrance has been firmly established as a classic. In this truly traditional English Woods of Windsor scent, the fresh green notes of the Lavender flower have been combined with notes of patchouli, musk and chamomile to create a fresh, aromatic fragrance.

Lily of the Valley - Lily of the Valley is associated with sweetness, innocence and purity. This classic Woods of Windsor fragrance combines the delicate scent of Lily of the Valley with dewy green leaves, geranium oil and a hint of citrus; its elegant simplicity perfectly capturing the fragile beauty of the delicate white Lily flowers.

True Rose - Roses have been grown for centuries not simply for their elegant beauty but also for their delicate scent and fragrant oil. This elegant Woods of Windsor rose petal scent combines crisp green violet leaves with rose otto and a warm damask rose, to create a delicate English classic.

White Jasmine - Jasmine is at its best on a balmy late summerís evening when the aroma of the delicate white flowers infuses with the gentle warmth of the night air. Fresh leafy top notes combined with the refined floral heart of Jasmine and the exotic bloom of ylang ylang create an elegant and sophisticated Woods of Windsor floral fragrance.

The Woods of Windsor story dates back to 1770, when the flagship store in Windsor began life as an apothecary and over the years gained many Warrants for its services to the Royal Family.

In a fascinating discovery a collection of archived perfume recipe books were found in the attic of the Windsor store. Using these time-honoured formulations, along with a wealth of experience for creating high-quality products, Woods of Windsor created their signature English floral fragrances.

Over the years Woods of Windsor has remained innovative and always strives to combine the simplicity of natural ingredients with the efficacy of modern technology.

Woods of Windsor brands are now enjoyed worldwide yet our primary motivation has always remained the same; to satisfy our customers' wishes for indulgent fragrances and treatments and remain loyal to our heritage; truly "The Fragrance of England".