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Taylor of Old Bond Street, London

Taylor Old Bond - 50% OffTaylor of Old Bond Street, London

Shaving creams & soaps, fragrance for men and more since 1854: Taylor of Old Bond Street, London.

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While known for their famous shaving cream and shave soap, Taylor of Old Bond Street also features an array of cologne, aftershave lotion, aftershave gel, soap, shampoo, talcum powder, deodorant spray and more. Taylor's was established 1854, during the reign of Queen Victoria.

AFTER SHAVE and COLOGNE: Our specially formulated "Mr Taylor" after-shave is based on an idea passed down from generation to generation in the Taylor tradition. Alternatively, our "Shaving shop", "Sandalwood" and "Eton collection" after shaves are all true gentlemans aftershaves discreetly fragranced to complete the shave. Our latest release is the No.74 Collection, available in both Original and Victorian Lime.

SHAVING SOAPS and CREAM: We offer two alternatives: Shaving cream in either a bowl (150g) or a handy tube (75g). The cream is placed on either a shaving brush or directly on the palm of the hand and then applied to the face, where the shaving brush is used to work up a lather (the 75g tube can be used with or without a brush). You will be amazed how well it moisturises your face. This is available in nine fragances. We also offer a hard shaving soap which is available in wooden bowls. Refills are available.