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Our Best Selling Shea Butter Hand Creams are Made right here in the USA - by elizabethW

Shea Butter Hand Cream - 75% OffelizabethW - #1 Shea Butter Hand Cream - Made in the USA

For the driest of hands, this friendly-sized tube of super moisturizing Hand Cream includes shea butter to provide an extra-soft touch. The unique formula both protects and nourishes the skin when you most need it. Made in the USA Made in the United States by elizabethW San Francisco - Small Batch Production. 7% Shea Butter Hand Cream.

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Tame those Summer Hands.

Made with 7% shea butter, this hand cream is intensely hydrating. Take it with you as it's sized to travel. Fortify your hands with a silky surge of moisture wherever needed, day or night.