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Blasted Heath

Blasted Heath for Him - Boxing Day SALE 20% & 40% OffBlasted Heath by Penhaligon's

Like a powerful swell breaking against the shore, the top notes provide an invigorating wave of aquatic freshness. Enriched with salty seaweed reminiscent of oceanic spray, the aquatic accord is infused with the aromatic intensity of clary sage, adding contrast. In the heart, the fragrance meets the shore. Fresh with crunchy green leaves. Refined with the surprising transparent woodiness of Clearwood?.

Then texture develops with the tobacco and whisky accord. An assertive masculine character, strengthened by an authoritative woody signature. The warmth of patchouli and Alaska cedarwood blends into rough accents of gaiacwood and the earthy elegance of vetiver. Musks finally bring the ultimate sensuousness of this invigorating journey.
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What is Clearwood?

Clearwood is a novel raw material created by Firmenichusing white biotechnology. Sugarcane is fermented with bioengineered yeast. The resulting product is then distilled, creating a contrasting natural material. Smelling at once of light, creamy amber and the dark woodiness of patchouli, yet without the earthy quality, it is both sheer and textured, providing a back-bone to a perfume’s structure as well as addictive and modern chypre elements.

Master Perfumer Alberto Morillas

Imagined as vibrant paintingsby Master Perfumer Alberto Morillas, these two unique fragrances explore an olfactive palette reminiscent of the colours, textures and sensations of the wild coast. Cold neutrals, earthy browns, navy blues, textures inspired by rock, bark or earth, two fragrances of contrast and freedom. Alberto’s particular talents lay in creating aquatic fragrances, enriched by woods and musky or fruity accords –making him the perfect choice to create Blasted Heath & Blasted Bloom.

In 1988, Alberto was named a Master Perfumer at Firmenich, in 2003 was honoured with the coveted Prix Francois Coty, and in 2013, Alberto was bestowed Perfumer of the Year Lifetime Achievement award by the Fragrance Foundation in recognition of his extraordinary contributions to perfumery –having created over 140 perfumes.