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PatchouliPatchouli Eau de Parfum from the Private Collection for Men and Women

The mellow early hours of a Chelsea studio in London, circa 1967, a time of burgeoning creative energy. Patchouli draws out the raw sensuality laying it sedately against a darkly elegant backdrop.

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Fragrance Notes:
Top notes: coconut milk, violet leaf
Heart notes: cedarwood, iris, patchouli, rose, ylang ylang
Base notes: amber, frankincense, labdanum, myrrh, vanilla

Fragrance Description: The soft, creamy, coconut milk top note accord is set to contrast with the dark and mysterious character of the patchouli. Touches of iris, rose and ylang ylang lift the heart whilst cedarwood emboldens the woody theme. Amber, vanilla and resins continue the dark theme through to the base.