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New - Great Gifts from shopLondons.com
New  - Great Gifts from shopLondons.com.
New Penhaligon's Londons - Great Gifts from shopLondons.com
New - Great Gifts from shopLondons.com
New Penhaligon's Londons - Great Gifts from shopLondons.com
British Family Perfumers Since 1730
Established 1870 - Made in England
HER - Classic Collection by Lubin
HIM - Talismania Collection by Lubin
Ortigia Sicilia
This luxurious range of soaps, scents, creams, candles and lotions are formulated using natural products indigenous to Sicily and inspired by the aesthetics, colors and scents of Italy's most historic and tropical region.
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Private Collection

Just arrived from Paris...

GIN FIZZ - A FRESH AND SPARKLING COCKTAIL OF THE 50’s..... In 1955, a movie star captivated the crowds: she embodied for the entire world the very elegance of America. Her mysterious charm even captured the heart of a Prince! It was in honour of her extraordinary beauty that Lubin created then a perfume which marked the decade: a very chic perfume, sparkling and fresh, evoking the cocktail in fashion that year in Paris.

UPPER TEN for HIM - THE STRENGTH OF WILLPOWER THE SCENT OF SUCCESS..... No one, before they changed the world, had imagined a New Civilization born solely of audacity. 10 000 men had, one morning, like millions of others, left their homelands for Freedom. They had no hope of return. But unlike their fellow travelers, the dreams they carried were larger than life. Dreading no obstacle, they would celebrate every moment of their lives. Within 100 years, they built a country where nothing is set forever: the United States of America. They became: The “Upper Ten”.


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