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Kenneth Turner London - Home Fragrances and Hand Care

Kenneth TurnerKenneth Turner London - The luxury British lifestyle brand.

Let your senses inspire you with Kenneth Turner home fragrances. Choose from a selection of luxury Scented Candles, all hand poured in the United Kingdom.

For a luxuriously decadent room fragrance experience, why not try the long-lasting Reed Diffusers in the Original fragrance.

The Room Colognes are ideal for creating deliciously aromatic room fragrance.

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Let your senses inspire you with Kenneth Turner London home fragrance and luxurious body care. A stunning range of decorative home accessories, stylish crystal and glass ware and the iconic Stag Collection complete the look for your home.

About Kenneth Turner

Kenneth Turner - London

As a child growing up in Bangor, Northern Ireland, Kenneth Turner always loved flowers and drew much of his future inspiration from his Grandfather’s garden.

He was granted a scholarship to Greenmount Horticultural College in Ireland and afterwards studied Ornamental Horticulture at Reading University. It was whilst at Reading that Ken realised his real interest lay in the art of floral decorating. He obtained a job in Oxford as a flower seller in the market and then progressed to become a florist. His colleagues realised he had a real flair and persuaded him to move to London.

In 1970, he left Pulbrook and Gould to open his first retail shop in Avery Row in the heart of Mayfair. During the seventies and eighties, Kenneth and his team created visual extravaganzas for events such as the opening and dedication of the Sackler wing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and the Masked Ball in a Venetian Palazzo on the Grand Canal in Venice.

1986, Kenneth Turner created his signature fragrance ‘Original’ – an outstanding fragrance which was formed from the wonderful floral smells that he inhaled whilst walking his dogs. The Original fragrance is still considered a bench mark classic in terms of lifestyle fragrance and is commonly referred to as the ‘Chanel No 5’ of the home fragrance market. It is a unique blend of honeysuckle, the oil from the bark of the sweet poplar, lemon and orange oils, cloves and cinnamon.

In 1996, Kenneth Turner was awarded the Royal Warrant by His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, as the exclusive supplier of fragrant candles and room fragrance. Kenneth Turner was the first home fragrance company to achieve this accolade. The Prince of Wales is a particular fan of Original. In addition, the company is proud to have included amongst its clients many of the European Royal Families, Heads of State and a glittering array of celebrities including Giorgio Armani, Donatella Versace, Sting, Cher, Lauren Bacall and Maria Schneider to name but a few.

In the nineties, Kenneth was appointed as the figurehead and expert of the Horehow Garden Catalogue, a division of Neiman Marcus, Dallas, which was delivered to four million homes twice a year.

In 2004, Kenneth Turner was selected as the exclusive florist in Harrods, fully reinforcing Kenneth Turner as an authority in floral decoration. More recently, Ken has been helping to develop the Kenneth Turner Distributor in Japan and visited Tokyo twice in 2007 to give masterclasses. These masterclasses were held in conjunction with the British Embassy in Tokyo.

Kenneth Turner became one of the world’s leaders in the design and development of fresh, dried and preserved flowers and their arrangements. Kenneth Turner established a world reputation as an innovator in the use of these materials enhanced with fruit, vegetables, shells, driftwood and mosses.

The Kenneth Turner Collection consists of 9 fragrances.

Original - Created by Kenneth Turner over 20 years ago, this timeless fragrance is adored all over the world and remains our most popular fragrance to date. This classic blend of poplar, honeysuckle, lemon and orange oils, cloves and cinnamon can be found in every aspect of our home fragrance and bodycare range.

White Flowers - A soft, feminine scent inspired by the glorious scents of freesia, jasmine and lilac, with middle notes of the unusual marigold and cyclamen, and base notes of exotic coconut and cassis. This fragrance conjures the perfect white bouquet.

Nature Nurture - The inspiration for this fragrance came from the natural scents of nature. This soothing, calming fragrance is made up of a blend of jasmine, rose, sandalwood, and cedar wood, and is ideal for everyday use.

Blue Tangerine - Blue Tangerine is all about revitalising and refreshing the senses with fresh, citrus ingredients of lemon, orange, and mandarin oils and head notes of mint and camphor, with rich body notes of lavender, violet and patchouli. This fragrance is a favourite with men and women of all ages.

Indian Spice - A luxurious, exotic, rich and sophisticated fragrance inspired by the spices of India. With top notes of black pepper and clove, middle notes of floral and cherry blossom, and a woody amber base with sandalwood.

Ocean - A fragrance inspired by walks along faraway beaches, seas breeze, hot white sands and sun kissed skin. With marine top notes, sea minerals, vanilla, amber and coconut.

Citrus Bergamia - A fresh, clean and zesty fragrance, which will leave your home smelling refreshed. With top notes of bergamot, lemon and lemongrass, floral heart notes with a woody base, and green herbal notes of garden mint and peppermint.

Winter Berries - A fruity, festive fragrance, with hints of warm satsuma, sweet red berries, cinnamon, oranges and lime.

White Forest - Reminiscent of a fresh, white Winter forest, with evergreen notes of Christmas fir trees.

Body Care by Kenneth Turner

Soothe, cleanse, heal and protect with Kenneth Turner's range of body care and skin care products, with organic botanical extracts to provide luxurious care.

Available in Original, Blue Tangerine, Nature Nurture, White Flowers and Ocean, each element of our body care and skin care range has been created to enhance your bathing experience and is available in all five fragrances.