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The Finest Perfumes and Toiletries: Most of our favorite toiletry makers are found in Europe. Perfumeries are must visits and these are among the best: Penhaligon's London; Roger & Gallet, Paris; and FLORIS London.

One of England's finest soap makers is Bronnley. Other favorites include Mitchell's Wool Fat Soap, Lightfoot's Pure Pine Athletic Soap and Lotil Cream. For men, our favorite barber shops are all English: Geo F Trumper and Taylor of Old Bond Street.

Each create their own signature colognes, shaving creams, soaps and other men's products.

For generations Swedish women have been mixing their own facial masks that contain glycerin, rose water and egg whites. Inspired by this we developed the popular Eggwhite Facial Soap. This unique facial soap with lanoline and rose water cleanses the pores and gives you a fantastic complexion.

Lanolin-Agg-Tval Boxed Set of 6 Soaps; 50g / 1.7 oz bars. Beautifully boxed; made in Sweden by Victoria Fabrik Helsingborg, Sweden.

The Fragrance Foundation is the non-profit, educational arm of the international fragrance industry, and devotes its energies to creating an atmosphere of understanding and appreciation of the benefits and pleasures of fragrance in all its many forms.

The Sense of Smell Institute helps people understand where our odor preferences come from, what influences them, and how they can be changed. Does your mood determine the fragrance you wear? Do you select a fragrance to enhance your mood? These and other questions are answered by their research and educational efforts.

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