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Border Biscuits LimitedBorder Biscuits Limited - Baked in Scotland

Border Biscuits have been proudly producing the best biscuits we can possibly bake for over 25 years. We say this because we take time and care to perfect our recipes and only when we genuinely believe we cannot improve on them, do we let people try our biscuits for themselves. Kindly scroll down to view our initial offering.

Border Biscuits only ever use the very best ingredients in our quest to bring you flavours, textures and combinations that exceed your expectations of the humble biscuit. We hope you will continue to enjoy our biscuits as much as we enjoy coming up with recipe ideas that we think youíll love.

A note from John Cunningham at Border Biscuits...

"Most of the recipes in our Classic Range date back to when Border Biscuits was founded over 25 years ago. I can vividly remember the hours, days and even months that went into perfecting each recipe because our philosophy has always been to bake the best biscuits we possibly can. By using good old fashioned ingredients to create traditional flavours and textures we aim to take your taste-buds on a highly enjoyable trip down memory lane." - John Cunningham